There is a path to ending and overcoming the anxiety and frustration we all feel at times.

In fact, the real magic of overcoming lies within us. Hidden. Overflowing with potential. And just waiting for the right moment and the right call to come out into the sunshine.

That’s what my Pegasus Personal Growth Program is all about… showing you the path to keeping your dreams alive, staying connected to your goals and enjoying life to your fullest potential!

Our program will help you find this path – by helping you set meaningful goals to move your life forward no matter what, to help plan your route to overcome all obstacles, and to align the resources you need to get there. Our program will help you set meaningful goals, plan your route and align the resources you need to get there.

Whatever your goals happen to be we can help:







New horse






And much more...

If you are young and just starting out this program will provide you with a clear road map to success and happiness.

The insights revealed are easy to grasp and you’ll apply them year in, year out for the rest of your life.

Who will benefit from
this unique program?

If you love horses, this program is for you!

It does not matter if you are English, Western, Dressage, Olympic bound or a casual trail rider, our love of horses all transcends disciplines and gives us a common bond. A bond on which I can empower you to help you get more from your life!

If you are already in a career and juggling the demands of work and family while still trying to give your horse the attention he needs this program will help you find balance.

It’s designed to be easy to understand – with simple steps that you can put to effective use quickly and with very little effort.

If you are an empty nester in your 50’s or 60’s this program will provide you with the motivation and confidence to reach for new goals and make sure you squeeze everything you can from life!

You will discover tools and resources that will enable you to grow and flourish in new ways that you never imagined possible.

2017 Pegasus Personal Growth

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We will reopen again in late 2017.

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