My name is Linda Parelli and because we both love horses, I can’t wait to tell you about my new, updated, Pegasus Personal Growth Program.

We have designed this program to empower and motivate you to solve the everyday challenges and frustrations presented by your relationships, job or life in general.

No matter where you’ve you been before or where you are today, this program will help you realign your focus, rebuild your confidence and strengthen your commitment and motivation - leading to greater degrees of satisfaction and balance in all aspects of your life!

There is a path to ending and overcoming the anxiety and frustration we all feel at times.

In fact, the real magic of overcoming lies within us. Hidden. Overflowing with potential. And just waiting for the right moment and the right call to come out into the sunshine.

That’s what my Pegasus Personal Growth Program is all about… showing you the path to keeping your dreams alive, staying connected to your goals and enjoying life to your fullest potential!

Our program will help you find this path – by helping you set meaningful goals to move your life forward no matter what, to help plan your route to overcome all obstacles, and to align the resources you need to get there. Our program will help you set meaningful goals, plan your route and align the resources you need to get there.

Whatever your goals happen to be we can help:







New horse






And much more...

When I was young, I loved horse stories!

Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, My Friend Flicka… I was obsessed by the stories and glued to the TV for National Velvet and Fury.

Every book I read was about horses. I had all kinds of toy horses. I WAS a horse – using two sticks for my front legs and I made my sister, Vivienne, ride me!

Although these iconic stories seemed to be about horses, there were valuable life lessons deeply embedded all the way through.

And as I look back on my life, there is no question that my passion for horses and what I learned about communication and leadership has absolutely been triggered and shaped by that.

How wonderful that I could do this through horses… instead of being in a classroom or some boring technical course, I was pursuing my dream with horses and learning how to live my passion.

I’ve always been goal oriented. Set my sights on something I wanted and just go for it.

I was at the top of my game - married to one of the best horseman in the world, performing, motivating and inspiring horse lovers all over the world...

I could do everything with my horses. I’d reached my goals of becoming a horseman and dealing with difficult horses...

I’d had some of the most amazing experiences one could ever dream of, like gathering mustangs on top of a mesa in New Mexico for a National Geographic special.

But after 20 years of working on my personal horsemanship and teaching the Parelli Program...

I’d hit a spot where I didn’t know what was next.

On the outside, it looked like I had everything.

But on the inside, I was without direction.

I was totally, completely lost.

Now What?

Have you ever found yourself in this situation - walking, talking, working and getting by just fine, without ever really knowing where you are going?

-- This is the actually the first time I’ve publicly admitted being stuck. --

It was a completely new feeling for me. And I didn’t like it one bit.

So, I took control over my situation.

I applied what I’d discovered throughout my entire life and my relationships with the people and the horses I’d loved and learned so much from.

It took serious effort, but I persevered and over the next few months I got myself back on track.

Not only that, I took and kept copious notes on how I did it... so I could share them with other horse lovers like me... for people like you... because they “get it”... 

What I’m about to share is for anyone who understands that just because we are not teenagers anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still dream.

If you are young and just starting out this program will provide you with a clear road map to success and happiness.

The insights revealed are easy to grasp and you’ll apply them year in, year out for the rest of your life.

Who will benefit from
 this unique program?

If you love horses, this program is for you!

It does not matter if you are English, Western, Dressage, Olympic bound or a casual trail rider, our love of horses all transcends disciplines and gives us a common bond. A bond on which I can empower you to help you get more from your life!

Lives Changed Thanks To The Pegasus Personal Growth Program 

If you are already in a career and juggling the demands of work and family while still trying to give your horse the attention he needs this program will help you find balance.

It’s designed to be easy to understand – with simple steps that you can put to effective use quickly and with very little effort.

If you are an empty nester in your 50’s or 60’s this program will provide you with the motivation and confidence to reach for new goals and make sure you squeeze everything you can from life!

You will discover tools and resources that will enable you to grow and flourish in new ways that you never imagined possible.

The foundation for everything begins with my 210-page Pegasus Personal Growth manual, designed for you to keep and use as a living, breathing tool of your achievement. 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll encounter as together we journey through this life-changing resource (which I know you’ll want to return to day after day):

Click here to order your manual now (it will mail in 48 hours) and get instant access to your first personal coaching lesson!Click here to buy your manual with a full year of coaching and save $250!

“A One-of-a-Kind, Life Changing Program That Will Not Only Enhance and Strengthen the Relationship You Have With Your Horse… It Leverages Your Love of Horses to Enrich and Empower Every Other Aspect of Your Life… Guaranteed.”

Your Relationship With Your Horse

Is a Mirror to Your Life

Very often, horse problems are caused by life problems; we’ll help you banish both, because an empowered rider makes for a happy horse!

This is so important because no matter who you are, you can’t avoid it. Life drops new challenges, new trials, new heartaches onto our doorstep every day. (Stay with me and I’ll tell you my personal story in a just a moment.)

And as much as we might wish for one, there’s no magic wand anyone can wave to make them simply go away. We all get down. We all get frustrated. And sometimes we lose our way for a while and just drift through life, rather than really live.

And that’s why I feel so strongly about this program...

Because it’s happened even to me.

There is still a lot more living to do if we just rekindle the fire...

Here’s a small sampling of lives touched by this program:

"Linda I am astonished by the power of this manual and so timely. My kids have moved away, my husband is not into horses and I had two beautiful dogs die inside a couple of months. I had lost motivation and direction and not just with my horses, I was just going through the motions in my entire life. This manual has given me the spark I needed to take back control and soar to new heights. I’m 59 but 60 is the new 30 right?" - Sue Flockhart

"As someone just starting out in the world I found your counsel invaluable and far more useful and practical to me, than the four years I just spent in college. I know I will use this manual for years to come as my guidebook to success!" - Chelsea Sioux

"As a working mom with a working husband, my horse had taken a very back seat in our lives. Your manual helped me set goals, manage my priorities and balance things better so I can reconnect with my special friend, Morgan. As an added bonus, my boss recently commented that I seemed very focused at work!" - Carol Grimes

"The self assessment began helping me right away; loving module 1. I had to get honest with myself and realized I don't always seek to see the best in people (perhaps this is a reflection of how I see myself). Ouch! I find myself now taking a step back and reconsidering how I have approached a person or situation with my attitude and this has an effect on everything! This helps me move into a light hearted mindset much quicker; I had no idea I needed this right now. What a juicy journey!" - Cryshtal Avera

“Best thing that's happened for me!!! This is a life changing experience both personally & with your horse. I can't say enough about how it's changed me as a person in how I deal with everyday life & how it's made me a better leader & partner for my horse! The monthly coaching keeps you checked in. This is a life-coaching experience. I couldn't be happier.” - ‪Maria Matlaga‬‬‬‬‬

What’s Included With the Pegasus Personal Growth System

Secrets to Overcoming the Blocking Issues Holding You Back From Massive Achievement – you have almost unlimited potential in all areas of life, all you need do to get past the things holding you back is to apply a very few simple keys to achieve real breakthroughs.

The Six Rules of Setting Goals That Work! Imagine… never having to look at a list of “goals” and saying wistfully to yourself, “if only I’d been able to follow through”… when you follow my six rules you’ll finally be able to set goals you’ll be able to embrace, establish ownership over, and put into action to create the life changing results you deserve.

The One Small Step To Experiencing Greatness… it’s there inside you, all you need do is grab the reins in just the right way to move forward with total confidence and self-assurance.

The 7 Habits That Build Unstoppable Personal Momentum. We self-sabotage our ambitions in so many ways… but you can overcome the attitudes and false beliefs holding you back, and it’s simpler than you even imagined possible.

And so much more besides!

You’ll use the manual as a tool to measure your progress to the new life you want to lead... packed with insights that will change your life, your relationship with your horse, and also with everyone else - those you love and care for.

But that’s just the beginning of our journey...

How To Enrich EVERY
Aspect of Your Life

The manual you’ll want at your side every day as a constant reminder of the path of growth you’ve started. 

But it’s just the start... over the course of 30 lessons we’ll also connect together through a brand new online session focusing on specific topics to enhance EVERY aspect of your life and your relationship with your horse and those around you. 

All the sessions are available in our secure membership site - easily accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Video and Audio Coaching – in just 30 minutes, you’ll discover keys to making your life and relationships more successful in a format that’s fun, fast-paced, and easy to understand.

Recap Guide (PDF) – basically a “cheat sheet” for easy reference – so you can a quick refresher of the coaching session’s key points at your fingertips any time you want.

Self-Assessment (PDF) – yes, there’s a little bit of soul-searching involved here… each topic’s self-assessment tool enables you to identify your greatest challenges, strengths, and opportunities in all areas of your life.

Personal Action Plan (PDF) – lays out the key steps you need to take to put what you’ve discovered on the current topic into life-changing fast action.

Plus, included with membership you’ll also receive Fireside chats with me, fun motivational memes, and a newsletter loaded with additional insights and resources.

In each of the 30 modules I'll provide you with...

There Really is So Much!

Some of the vital topics we’ll cover together include:

Attitude - how this affects every aspect of your life, your health, your relationships... your ability to strive, struggle, and succeed. You'll experience every day with a glow, knowing that you control how you'll feel, no matter what comes your way.

Confidence - it's a learned skill that you can build from within... again, it affects your relationships, your career, everything that matters. You'll be strong. Unafraid. Willing to take risks and embrace the new life that's possible.

Mental Barriers - they hold you back, I give you the training and the tools to make them vanish like the wind. You'll no longer live with hesitation or fear, instead you'll seize opportunities and dreams like never before.

And there’s so much more in this program, we cover ACTION, GOAL-SETTING, PERSISTENCE, and many other critical subjects. And we deliver it to you in careful, measured doses... never overwhelming you, and always with resources to help you fully embrace the concepts EASILY into your busy life.

Why have we put so much time, energy, and love into this program? Because doing this completely and fully matters so deeply to me. It’s personal.

The World's First Personal Growth Program ONLY For Horse Lovers!

We all need a little help sometimes to improve our...

Self-discipline – we say yes to the wrong things, and no to our greater good

Vision – we don’t see what we need to see

Focus – we lack clarity in which way to turn

Attitude – we don’t bring our best selves to every day

Confidence – we limit all we can be or do

 Self-esteem – we lack abundant faith in ourselves

Motivation – we settle for so much less than is possible

Action – we fail to seize opportunities just waiting for us

Courage – we allow fear to hold back our dreams

Balance – we try to juggle life’s challenges, when instead we should focus and prioritize according to a clear, personal mission.

The Pegasus Personal Growth Program gives you the resources to address and heal ALL of these areas of life and more – along with the relationships and dreams that matter so much to you and those you care for.

Can You Put a Value On Increased Confidence, Stronger Relationships, and the Ability to Finally Overcome Life’s Challenges?

Of course not. 

Some things in life just don’t come with a price tag. 

But lost time – if you value the hours you spend wandering in uncertainty… there’s clearly a price you can put on that. 

And broken dreams – where opportunities for growth and fulfillment have disappeared due to uncertainty or self-imposed limits… definitely a cost there as well. 

Those are numbers you need to calculate and determine on your own. 

I know that for me, the value to my life and my relationships once I sorted this out was immeasurable. And I’ve personally invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in research and education in order to get to where I am today. 

But I won’t ask anything close to that for this program, even though it’s worth all that and more. 

"Wow! Pegasus program really has me thinking! My husband and I actually sat down and wrote down goals with time frames! Awesome! I'm feeling accomplished which helps me feel organized which in turn gives me time for what I want! MY HORSES!!! This is only the beginning!!! Don't miss out!!! Could be life changing.....!!!!! All positive of course!! Pegasus has made me a better ME!” - Cheryl Almasy

"And of Course, You Have No Risk Because I Completely Guarantee Your Satisfaction"

If you’re not more than satisfied with what you’ve received and the changes in your life you’ve been able to make thanks to this program, then just let me know in the first 30 days and I’ll refund your entire investment. No questions asked.

Warning: This Program Might NOT Be for You If...

Don’t Delay - Invest Now in Your Greatest Asset, YOURSELF, and Enjoy the Payoff Forever

I’ll admit, The Pegasus Personal Growth Program isn’t for everyone. For example, you shouldn’t move forward with this program if:

You aren’t seriously committed to actually USING what it is you discover in these coaching sessions. Even though I’ve made everything extremely easy to follow and apply, there’s still some effort required on your part. Change only happens when you take the steps to make it so.

You can’t find the 2-4 hours a month it will take minimally to go through the sessions and thoughtfully consider their recommendations. (Of course, like anything, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.)

The small investment involved is simply too overwhelming at this time in your life. I totally get that and understand completely.

However, if none of these reasons apply to you and your situation at this moment, then NOW is the very best time to move forward with this program. 

Using your love of horses, and mine, we are going to take an exciting journey together.

Our program will help you set meaningful goals, plan your route and align the resources you need to get there.

Together, we will rekindle the dreams of our youth and squeeze more from every aspect of our lives that's important to us!

This is the most powerful program I have ever produced. Come join me and let's take flight together!


Linda Parelli

PS – As I mentioned earlier, this program is only open for new memberships and available for a very limited time period. 

Life passes by so quickly. Don’t let this pass you by as well.

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You'll get the manual, 30 30-minute video lessons with additional audio downloads, recap guides, self-assessments and action plans. Best of all you’ll get the exact motivation, training, and resources you need to empower every aspect of your life that’s important to YOU! 

Click here and join now to receive the complete Pegasus Personal Growth program! >Click here and join now to receive the complete Pegasus Personal Growth program >Click here and join now to receive the complete Pegasus Personal Growth program! >Click here and join now to receive the complete Pegasus Personal Growth program! >